“A lot of people never use their initiative because no-one told them to.” ― Banksy

Give Peace a Chance

'Give Peace A Chance' by Jeff Ham

'Give Peace A chance' by Artist, Jeff Ham / www.jeffham.net  | TAO Graffiti Blog Guidelines

It's Time We Stop

it's time we stop

It's still time we stop, listen, take a look around, and see what is going down...


"It's Time We Stop" image copyright Jeff Clay / Clayhaus Photography | TAO Graffiti Blog Guidelines

Labyrinthus in Domum Suam

How can a labyrinth be

A thing unknown

When one can see

The path to home.


"Chartres Labyrinth" image copyright Jeff Clay / Clayhaus Photography | TAO Graffiti Blog Guidelines

Graffiti Art, not Graffiti Slag

Graffiti becomes something other than aerosol ejaculate when it has more to say than just "I was here."

Image copyright Jeff Clay / Clayhaus Photography | TAO Graffiti Blog Guidelines


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