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While I was a kid my mom was a competitive open-water swimmer (I grew up in Minnesota where lake's certainly out number swimming pools), I played soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, rode bikes, skied, snowboarded, fell off of skateboards. Now my mom is a ski instructor, I've had some years racing bicycles and rock climbing in the mountains. I've learned from my mom that you learn to live by pushing yourself in the outdoors. So that's the thread topic: Adventure Learning, lessons from pushing yourself in the outdoors.

Remember that this is a space where we develop ideas for courses to teach in the TAO Metaversity so feel free to suggest ideas, activities, texts, and musings.

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In college I took a course in the Recreation Management department. The course was called mountain biking... we had a lecture (suprise) about something called "optimal experience" or "flow" (hit the link for the wikipedia page). It was very fascinating and I've been meaning to track down some more information on the topic and do some reading. In the meantime take a look at the wikipedia page and let me know what you think.

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When I was fifty years old I found a wonderful teacher who's openness to learn was as beautiful as his passion to teach. Thank You Arthur.

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