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The business of art is to reveal the relation between [us] and [our] environment.
– D. H. Lawrence.


Growing up, we had a small house in the backyard that was originally built and used as an entrepreneurial venture, a testing ground for a household cleaning solution. It held many things beyond that: a tool shed, a catch-all for family collections of stuff, a home for older siblings and eventually a cottage for an author. Sometime in its life it transformed into and became “The Cottage in the Backyard”. When it was changed into a bedroom with a bath for the two oldest in the family, it became a great ‘hut” (that’s what we younger kids thought.) Each time we stepped through its doors we would envision a world of possibilities. It became our hideout, escape, and haven as we grew up.

After the oldest moved out and on, the cottage became a getaway of expression for a well known local author. She wrote several of her books and stories there. It became a cottage and venue for creativity. She would disappear into the cottage and only reemerge when she had a manuscript in hand. We believed that the cottage somehow spurred her through the vortex, laying down on paper, all the adventures and thoughts that ran through her.


The Arts Organization and TAO Homes is beginning to transform a small house in the backyard of downtown Salt Lake City. It is the first small structure to become a creative cottage. It was originally used as a home and later fell into many winters of disrepair. Now, the house and surrounding grounds are going through a transformation. In the next several blogs we will be opening up the doors of this renovation to those who own or dream of owning a cottage for creativity.

This cottage of creativity is the first of a number of artist studio suites, around the world, that will be built, rediscovered, transformed and loved back to health. These cottages are small suites to support the artists inviting and allowing creativity to run through them and made to matter through their medium of expression. It is time for this season of expression; small campuses of creation where artists from all professions, are encouraged to create.


These campuses of creativity are the abbeys and convents of yesteryear, the environments where The Sacred, The Divine, The Creator, The OM find us.  Through form, whether it be dance, writing, painting, cooking, or music,  the campuses of creativity are incubators of expression where ideas, dreams and  innovations have a place to be born, nurtured, developed, shared and implemented. Spaces where thoughts have a childhood: to grow and mature, to be fed, rocked and encouraged allowing them to gain strength and clarity before they emerge into the world of questions, doubts, possibilities and opportunities.

It starts here, in Salt Lake City, and will grow throughout the world to encompass a global campus interconnected by You, Us, Them, They - a home where we all belong because we’re one family of Creation and Creator. These campuses of creativity encourage you to find your calling and then your career. 


These blogs will resemble  family albums documenting the growth of a child. Join and collaborate by thinking when, how and where you would like to give birth to such a child as this. The global village began online, and by collaborating, by finding, donating or developing a creative campus in your city, the global village comes to you.

Happy New Year and cheers to the birth of new ideas, dreams and innovations. Cheers to a new humanity.

The Arts Organization

Wendy Adams was born and raised. Among her many accomplishments, are monumental moments of life shaping, decision making. “What are you going to do when you grow up?” “An Artist? Nice hobby – get a real profession” were the themes continually running through her life and helped refine what “An Artist” actually is.

She traveled a similar path as most of us. She graduated from junior high, high school, (graduating Cum Latté, vente size), and finished college with a degree in BS integrating a wide range of life skills with an emphasis on Varietology, known today as XTreme liberal arts.

As Founder and Creative Director, of The Arts Organization and a Huffington Post Blogger, Wendy’s passion is to help others recognize their own inner vision.




I read this post and got "chivels" - my own name for how my body responds to Soul-Truth concepts. I once attended an art therapy workshop in an old Victorian mansion that was dedicated to the arts. On the same property, beyond the parking area, was a small bungalow cottage. The facilitator owned both homes, but chose to live in the cottage because it was nestled in the back of the property, away from the main road where the Victorian mansion sat. I fell in love with the property and the concept and hope to create my own just like it some day. This concept of Artist Cottages is delicious! Thank you for sharing.

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