A World Wide Network of Learning.


"Start some big foolish project like Noah" - RUMI

Education for the 21st Century. That is a big project. An old African proverb expounded on by Hillary Clinton said, "It takes a village to raise a child." It's not so different with 21st century education. It takes a global village to raise  a multi-cultural, eco-literate, open heart and open minded, engaging world citizen. That global village consists of a network of experiential, educational environments with a inter-connected world curriculum.

How can that begin to happen?

There are many incredible teachers throughout the world. The list would fill pages and pages. Deepak Chopra, David Orr, Bruce Lipton, Karen Armstrong, Oprah, Carolyn Myss and Lynne Twist are a few we immediately recognize. They, like many who teach yet aren't recognized across the world, give workshops, seminars and gatherings to share the evolutionary world unfolding before us.  As they travel, these teachers hope to re-create a sacred space where the fullness of their teachings may be given and received. The people who attend begin to quench their thirsts with the recognition of the whole being. They fill their hearts and minds with the nectar of the teachings. With the departure of the teacher, the people began to look for places to continue the conversations. New ideas, ways to live and think are evolving and the people are looking for communities where this powerful recognition can be supported and cultivated. The TAO Metaversity is being created to support these teachers as well the students. Knowing the environment of each TAO Metaversity, each teacher will prepare their teaching knowing after they leave, there will be an on going curriculum to continue the conversations, realizations, ideas and opportunities that opened for those who attended. All become part of a global facility, global citizen, and global village.

The homes for these Metaversity's exist now. There is green space with many empty structures  available across the world. The many,many teachers already have much of the curriculum to be integrated into a global curriculum - a curriculum to embrace the whole being. The creation of this world wide network of  experiential, educational environments most importantly need - a community of people who recognize their connection to something much more powerful than any boundaries separating cultures, countries, and beliefs.

What can you do to help build this network?

Look around your city. Is there green space with a building(s) where the TAO Metaversity could help support and be supported by your community? Who do you know that is looking to be involved in a evolutionary entrepreneurship? What teachers do you know? What social networks can you communicate with to help get the message out about this network of experiential education? Each of you are the backbone of  creating the community that will co-create the revolutionary world the global citizen will experience.

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